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Celebrate Mother’s Day with ACME Floral Co., a SuperGreen Business

Celebrate Mother’s Day with ACME Floral Co., a SuperGreen Business
  • Elizabeth Grubb

Looking to gift flowers for Mother’s Day? Check out ACME Floral Co. As a proud CleanPowerSF SuperGreen customer, ACME offers beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements that will make both mothers and Mother Earth feel appreciated. 

ACME Floral Co.

ACME Flowers has been operating on Haight Street for the past nine years, specializing in weddings, special events, hospitality, retail, and more. Co-owners Kirk and Jeremiah have been in the floral industry for 20 years and use their interior design background to uniquely inform their floral arrangements. Their business combines design expertise and environmental appreciation to create flower arrangements that make you go “wow.”

Luxury and sustainability intersect at ACME Floral Co. In addition to being powered by CleanPowerSF’s 100% renewable energy, ACME Floral Co.’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the floral arrangements themselves. Every flower and bloom is seasonal and the majority of their flowers are locally sourced. Seasonal and local floral arrangements have fewer carbon emissions and support regional agriculture. 

ACME Floral Co. is also actively finding ways to create sustainable packaging, which can be difficult given the floral industries overuse of single-use plastics in both packaging and presentation. Co-owner Kirk shares, “Our ethos is flowers first, not packaging. We let the flowers do the talking and avoid plastic as much as possible because sustainability and environmentalism are a top priority at ACME Flowers. It’s at every touchpoint of our business. It's deeply important to our customers too.”

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, birthdays, weddings, or other special events, be sure to check out ACME Floral Co. Their creative design, keen eye for detail, and commitment to environmentalism are sure to please.