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Light Up Your Holiday Season

San Francisco City Hall and skyline at night - holiday colors
  • Elizabeth Grubb

San Francisco in the wintertime is a dazzling sight… quite literally with holiday lights lining the streets, twinkling Christmas trees standing tall, and special light installations captivating residents and tourists alike. The SFPUC is proud to light up much of San Francisco for the holidays with clean energy thanks to our Hetch Hetchy Power and CleanPowerSF programs. Check out some of our favorite light displays illuminating the city this year.

Entwined: Photo courtesy of SF Recreation and Parks.
Entwined: Photo courtesy of SF Recreation and Parks.

Entwined: Elder Mother @ Golden Gate Park

Since 2020, Golden Gate Park has been bringing Entwined, an illuminated forest, to life in Peacock Meadow. The installation is returning with a new twist, featuring a large, shade-bearing tree that moves with the wind. Viewers can even control the colors of the leaves from their phones. The installation will be open for viewing until the end of April.




HapPIER Holidays: Photo courtesy of Pier 39
HapPIER Holidays: Photo courtesy of Pier 39.

HapPIER Holidays at Pier 39

Head over to Pier 39 and check out a 60 foot-tall glowing Christmas Tree. Not only is this tree of monumental proportions, but it also comes to life and performs for spectators every 30 minutes between 5-10 p.m. through January 7th. There’s also the carousel, restaurants, and shops to explore at Pier 39, which is served by clean Hetch Hetchy Power.




Castro House
Castro Street House: Photo courtesy of DoTheBay

Holiday Decorations in the Castro

The Castro neighborhood is known for having plenty of holiday cheer. Businesses and residents alike go all out with decorations. In fact, one house, known as the Castro Street House is a favorite amongst San Franciscans. Each December, the house is decked out with ornate decorations and shimmering lights.




Holiday Cable Cars
Cable Cars: Photo courtesy of SFMTA

Cable Cars

Make your way through the city in sustainable style in San Francisco’s beloved cable cars. Not only are they powered by Hetch Hetchy Power’s clean energy, the cable cars are adorned with lights, garlands, and all things festive.




Festive lighting displayed along Third Street and Market Street.
Festive lighting displayed along Third Street and Market Street.

Holiday Lights Along Third Street and Market Street

Take a stroll along Third Street in the Bayview from Evans to Paul Avenue and along Market Street from the Ferry Building to the Castro to take in the beauty of bell and snowflake lights that are powered by Hetch Hetchy Power’s greenhouse gas-free electricity.



City Hall

Energized by Hetch Hetchy Power, San Francisco City Hall, is regularly lit up in eye-catching colors for a variety of holidays. Be sure to stop by the Civic Center area to see City Hall shining bright for the holidays. Even better yet, catch the San Francisco Conservatory of Music performing in Civic Center for several days throughout December.

The SFPUC wishes you and yours a very bright and happy holiday season!