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PREP for the New Year: New You, New Toilet

Photo of a toilet. Apply for a free water-efficient toilet from the SFPUC and save more water in 2024!
  • Natalie Stone

Have you started your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you’re working on cooking more, sleeping more, or spending more time in nature. But here’s another easy resolution that could benefit you for years to come: apply for a free water-efficient toilet from the SFPUC and save more water in 2024!

The SFPUC provides free water-wise evaluations, free devices, and rebates to help customers save water and money. Through our Plumbing Fixture Replacement Program, qualifying customers can get replacement of old toilets with new high-performing, water-saving models – all free by a licensed plumber. Apply for a new, high-efficiency toilet while funds last!

Who is Eligible?

  • Have an active residential SFPUC water account
  • Have an existing toilet(s) with a rated flush volume of 1.6 gallons per flush or higher
  • Install water-efficient showerheads and faucet aerators, provided for free

Residential properties purchased after July 1, 2009, are not eligible to participate. Amended in 2009, the San Francisco Residential Energy and Water Conservation Ordinance requires water-efficient fixtures to be in place before a property is sold.

To learn more about the program requirements and process, read the Terms and Conditions. You can also visit the program’s webpage for more information.

Many Other Ways to Save!

If you don’t qualify for PREP, the SFPUC offers many other services and rebates to help homes and businesses save water, including:

  • Free indoor and outdoor water-wise evaluations, including free showerheads, aerators, and more
  • Hot water recirculation pump rebates
  • High-efficiency clothes washer rebates
  • Rain barrels and cistern rebates (also available to businesses)
  • Laundry-to-landscape graywater system rebates (available to single-family or two-unit multi-family property)

If you have any questions about how to achieve your water-saving resolutions, please email Happy New Year!