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Spotlight Series #2: Showing Appreciation to Our SFPUC Employees

Showing Appreciation to Our SFPUC Employees
  • Gavin Li

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is comprised of many talented and dedicated public servants. They all play a critical role in ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of our water, power, and wastewater services. Get to know a few of the talented colleagues at the SFPUC and read their spotlights below.

Leilani Elaydo

As a Wastewater Control Inspector with the Collection Systems Division (CSD), Leilani Elaydo is responsible for inspecting wastewater facilities, and commercial and industrial wastewater discharges to determine compliance with established standards and regulations.

Leilani Elaydo, Wastewater Control Inspector with Collection Systems Division (CSD).
Leilani Elaydo, Wastewater Control Inspector with Collection Systems Division (CSD).

With a background in biochemistry and experience working at a pharmaceutical company, Leilani had an opportunity to work as a materials testing aide with the Department of Public Works. She eventually landed a position as a Water Quality Technician at SFPUC where she collects samples from various industries.  

Leilani enjoys working at SFPUC, in part, due to the great group of colleagues she works with daily. “We all encourage and offer different solutions to different problems,” she says. Working in an environment that encourages and allows learning and development of new skills has helped Leilani grow professionally and personally.

One colleague who has had a positive impact on Leilani and her work is Carina Gomez. Both Leilani and Carina were hired at the same time. They both make an effort to help out coworkers, offer feedback, push each other to take on tasks outside of their comfort zone, and be a positive presence in the workplace. 

An especially proud accomplishment in Leilani’s career at the SFPUC is being one of the group leaders of the pilot racial equity group, Unheard Voices Racial Equity Coalition. Her parting words of wisdom to new SFPUC employees is to “show genuine interest in your work and contributions and actively listen to what others say. Express your commitment to supporting the team's success and creating a positive work environment.” 

Some of her favorite spots to visit in the City include Pier 39, North Beach, and Twin Peaks. 

Francis San Felipe 

Francis San Felipe, a Procurement and Payment Analyst with PUB Accounting, originally started his SFPUC career as an Accounts Payable Supervisor. He supervised four direct reports and their corresponding enterprises’ Accounts Payable transactions for materials & supplies. Now, he’s taken on more responsibility on the procurement side and describes his journey as “both challenging and rewarding."

Francis San Felipe, a Procurement and Payment Analyst with PUB Accounting.
Francis San Felipe, a Procurement and Payment Analyst with PUB Accounting.

A challenge for Francis was working during the pandemic. It was an unprecedented time as everyone entered uncharted waters. Another challenge has been the high turnover rate on the Accounts Payable team. Still, Francis enjoys his work at the SFPUC, in part, due to the diversity of people and personalities he works with and building working relationships with them.  

One of his most memorable accomplishments was successfully operating as a team during the pandemic. Another time he felt particularly proud of his work was when he and his team piloted the AP Go Paperless V2.0 program to streamline their business processes and speed up payments to suppliers. 

“Since it was a new system for the SFPUC and our suppliers, I provided administrative service (on top of the AP part) to all their inquiries for at least the first six months of operations. Working overtime felt rewarding whenever I received good feedback from the users," he said. "This was more emphasized when the eSettlement program was implemented City-wide. Having a relatively new agency AP program combined with another new business program such as eSettlement resulted in a repeat experience – I worked more but it was rewarding regardless.” 

A colleague who has had a positive impact on Francis is one of his direct reports, Maggie Davenport. According to Francis, she’s an x-factor who keeps the group intact with her positive demeanor.

Some of Francis’ favorite local places to visit and hang out include House of Prime Rib and other steakhouses for dinner outings, Sonoma County, and even Yosemite and Tahoe for a weekend getaway of hikes and trails. 

Sen Saephan  

Sen Saephan, a Water Service Inspector for the CSB Field Service Division, started as a Temporary Water Meter Reader in 2006 and became a permanent Water Meter Reader the following year. 

Sen Saephan, SFPUC Water Service Inspector.
Sen Saephan, SFPUC Water Service Inspector.

After several more dedicated years of service, Sen was offered the position as Water Service Inspector in 2011. When asked about his proudest accomplishment, he points to his journey and progress with the SFPUC. He also takes pride in serving customers and helping them understand their water bills.

Sen recounted a time when he was helping an elderly woman with her high-water bill. The woman’s bill was three times more than normal. After doing an inspection, Sen figured out there was a leak coming from an unused and forgotten toilet in the basement. 

Besides the rewarding feeling of helping customers, Sen appreciates the opportunities for growth within the SFPUC. He also enjoys working with such a tight-knit group who look out for one another. 

A former colleague (now retired) who has had a positive influence on Sen, was Hai Tran. Hai trained Sen to become a Water Meter Reader, recommended him to apply, and helped foster Sen’s love for the outdoors.  

Working at the SFPUC hasn’t been without its challenges, however. The pandemic proved to be mentally and physically challenging having to remember to practice social distancing. Still, Sen expresses deep gratitude to work in a department where folks get along and support each other. He credits his Chief Inspector Glorina Crisotomo who promotes workplace morale and encourages the team to grow and develop their skills.

Some parting words from Sen to new SFPUC employees are to “always be open to new opportunities and learning new things.”  

A few of Sen’s favorite pastimes and local spots include going to Oracle Park for Giants games and Hai Ky Noodles in the Tenderloin.