Active Alerts

Flood and high wind watch for San Francisco. 

For your safety, avoid driving or walking through standing water at all cost.
Please be cautious of manhole covers that may have been dislodged. Report dislodged manhole covers to @SF311. 

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Activated

The City has activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to coordinate citywide operations, such as clearing storm drains, responding to hill slides, distributing sandbags, and ensuring residents are informed.
Report non-life-threating storm issues to 311, such as:

  • Clogged catch basins
  • Non-life-threatening street and residential flooding
  • Sewer backups or wastewater odors
  • Downed trees

Read more about what to do before and during the storm.

Stay safe and avoid unnecessary travel.

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Bridge Replacement


A condition assessment of the 14 bridges in the care of Hetch Hetchy Water and Power Division identified needed modifications and/or replacements. The current plan includes funding for work two of the bridges: O'Shaughnessy Adit Access Bridge and Lake Eleanor Dam Bridge.

  • Construction Start: February 2025
  • Contruction End: April 2027
  • Cost: $44.29M total
  • Project Phase: Planning